How Do I Meet People?

We have made sure that Gateway Christian Church is not simply a place for spectators. It is a place for people to connect and engage in God’s purposes. Whether you are a five-year old child, a ninety-five year old grandmother, a busy mom, or a businessman with big responsibilities, we want you to be a part of our vibrant church community. Getting plugged into a Group is one of the best ways you can learn, serve, and grow at Gateway Christian Church. Below you can find our list of current groups to connect in. Click here to see opportunities to engage by serving. Find Registration info at the bottom of the page.

LIFE GROUPS are running the week of February 2nd through the week of May 24th

Group 1 Sunday 9:00 AM: Youth 6-10th Grades
@ 311 Professional Center Drive Rohnert Park
Leader: Colton Jansen 585-2667 or
Group 2 Monday 7:00 PM: Life Group
Health & Fitness; Battling Health Issues
@ Jacobs Home; 808 Carlita Circle, Rohnert Park
Leader: Carla Jacobs 843-1596
Group 3 Monday 7:00PM: Life Group
@ Church- 311 Professional Center Dr
Leader: Phil Jennings 585-2667 or
Group 4 Tuesday 2:00 PM:  Craft Events
@ Pacino Home 3319 Canyonlands Ave, Santa Rosa
Leader: Marcy Pacino 318-2365
Group 5 Tuesday 7:00 PM: Women’s Group
@ 311 Professional Center Drive Rohnert Park
Leader: Roberta Wood 795-9406
Group 6 Tuesday 7:00 PM
Reading and discussing Revelation
@ Lewis Home 1662 Astaire Court, Santa Rosa
Contact Heather Lewis 707-477-3521 or John Lewis 707-477-2497
Group 7 Tuesday 6 – 7:30 PM: Life Group
Financial Health
@ 311 Professional Center Drive Rohnert Park
Leader: Christal Barquero 486-2560
Group 8 Wednesday 7:00 AM: Men’s Life Group

@ Honey Badger Café- Rohnert Park
Leader John Lewis 477-2497

 Group 9 Wednesday 10:00 AM: Women’s Life Group                                                                        @ 311Professional Center Drive Rohnert Park
Leader: Sharron Olson- 664-8300 &
Kim Perry 585-2667


Group 10 Wednesday 7:0o PM: Youth Group          @ 311 Professional Center Drive Rohnert Park    Leader Colton Jansen 585-2667 or


Group 11 Wednesday 7:00PM: Life Group               @ 311 Professional Center Drive Rohnert Park  Leaders: Rick Knottenbelt 888-2194 &
Mandi Foster 585-2667


Group 15 Wednesday 7:00 PM: 20-30 age group Starting February 19                                                 @ Corey’s home,  Rohnert Park                        Leader: Corey Foster (650) 996-2456 or


Group 12 4th Thursday of the Month: WOW Ladies @ Olive Garden Restaurant @ 1:00 PM              Contact: Joan Hersey 486-3330


Group 13 Thursday 7:00PM: Life Group                    @ Pekkain Home- Rohnert Park                      Leader: Jim Pekkain 584-5984


Group 14 Friday 7:00PM: Prayer Meeting          Second and Fourth Fridays                                      @ 311 Professional Center Drive Rohnert Park

Leader: Phil & Cindy Wadsworth 588-8407

To register online, email with your name and contact info, along with the group you are interested in joining. You can also register during Sunday Services with the connection card.